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Reporting the Courts & Contempt

Reporting the Courts and Contempt

Open justice is a keystone principle of the English common law and European human rights law, and members of One Brick Court have played a role in many of the leading cases which have shaped and developed reporting of the courts. Our members frequently appear both on behalf of media organisations seeking to promote or enhance reporting of the court system and also on behalf of individuals involved in the legal system who seek derogations from the open justice principles, for example where privacy rights or children are concerned.

Our members appear in the full range of domestic courts and tribunals and are skilled in advising in respect of the different and nuanced issues which can arise.

Members of Chambers have appeared in many important open justice cases in the civil and criminal courts, including R (Guardian News & Media) v City of Westminster Magistrates Court (access to documents used in open court), R v Marines A, B and C (access to documents and anonymity in Court martial proceedings), R (on the application of Taranissi) v HFEA (access to the court file by non-parties), and Khuja v Times Newspapers (privacy rights in the context of reporting of criminal trial). Our members regularly appear on behalf of the media in reporting restriction cases in the criminal courts.

In the Family Court, members of Chambers have been involved in many high profile cases concerning media access, including Re Ward (A Child) (extent of privacy in the family court and publicity relating to expert evidence), Surrey County Council v Al-Hilli (access of journalists to the family courts), and W v M (injunctions and reporting in the Court of Protection).

Our barristers are recognised as leading practitioners in the law of contempt. We frequently advise clients on all aspects of this, both insofar as it affects reporting of the courts, protection of journalistic sources and also civil contempt and enforcement of court orders. Leading cases in which our members have appeared include R v F (contempt arising out of social media publications), AG v MGN Ltd (contempt after arrest where no charge is brought), AG v Random House Group (injunction to restrain potential contempt), Pickering v Liverpool Daily Post (meaning of “court” for the purposes of the Contempt of Court Act), and Cliff Richard v BBC (scope of journalistic source protection).

Among our members are numerous contributors to Arlidge, Eady and Smith on Contempt, the leading practitioner guide to the law of contempt and reporting restrictions, and a co-author of the Guidance issued by the President of the Family Division, the Judicial College and the Society of Editors on media access and reporting of the Family Courts.

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