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Practice Areas

We offer a wealth of experience and expertise across junior and QC ranks in advising and representing claimants and defendants, and applicants and respondents, in all tribunals, particularly the High Court and appellate courts, in the following areas of law.

Privacy Law

Personal privacy and its interaction with freedom of expression forms the cornerstone of many contemporary disputes in media, communications and information law.

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Data Protection & Information Law

The ability to control, use and access data and information is a powerful commercial and political tool and engages important individual rights.

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Defamation & Reputation Management

One Brick Court has long been renowned as a leading set in defamation and all claims concerned with protecting reputation and freedom of expression.

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Commercial Confidentiality & Falsehoods

Technology has revolutionised the ability of businesses to store and disseminate vast quantities of information.

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Harassment is a versatile cause of action of increasing relevance and application. It is popular with claimants for its flexibility, in particular where it is important to obtain effective injunctive relief.

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Reporting the Courts & Contempt

Open justice is a keystone principle of the English common law and European human rights law, and members of One Brick Court have played a role in many of the leading cases which have shaped and developed reporting of the courts.

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Pre-Publication Advice

Chambers has great breadth and depth of experience in the provision of pre-publication advice across all forms of media. Members regularly advise television broadcasters, book publishers, magazines and websites ahead of publication.

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Media Regulation & Human Rights

The introduction of the Human Rights Act and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights brought a renewed focus on individual human rights.

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