Our Governance

Chambers is not a firm or a partnership but a collection of self-employed barristers who are in independent practice at the Bar.

Chambers and its members are regulated by the Bar Standards Board to provide legal services in England and Wales. Contact: The Bar Standards Board, 289-293 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7HZ. Tel: 020 7611 1444. www.barstandardsboard.org.uk

Members of Chambers may only advise or represent a person or organisation if instructed to do so by one of the following: a solicitor, any person authorised by an approved regulator (other than the Bar Standards Board) or licensing authority, an employed barrister, a Scottish or Northern Irish solicitor, a registered European lawyer, a qualified foreign lawyer, a person licensed by the Bar Standards Board under its Licensed Access Scheme, or, if permitted, directly by a lay client through the direct access scheme.

All members of Chambers are self-employed. Because of the specialised nature of Chambers’ areas of practice, different members of Chambers are regularly instructed by opposing parties in the same case. Chambers has well-established procedures in place to preserve client confidentiality in those circumstances.

Chambers is governed by a written Constitution. It provides that Chambers shall be administered by the members in Chambers’ meetings. The Head of Chambers is elected by members and usually serves for a 7-year term. The Management Committee oversees the operation and administration of Chambers. It comprises the Head of Chambers, the Deputy Head of Chambers and three elected members. Chambers aims for a Management Committee which is comprised of members with different levels of seniority.

Every member of Chambers has professional indemnity insurance with Bar Mutual. Contact: Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited, 90 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4ST. Tel: 020 7621 0405. www.barmutual.co.uk. Territorial coverage is worldwide, subject to the terms of cover of Bar Mutual.

Terms of Work

Equal Opportunities