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Media Regulation & Human Rights

Media Regulation & Human Rights

The introduction of the Human Rights Act and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights brought a renewed focus on individual human rights. These include the right to protection of reputation, rights of privacy and protection of personal data, and also rights of freedom of expression and access to information. The interaction of these rights remains one of the key legal battlegrounds in media, communications and information law. Many of these have been incorporated into domestic common law, but they can also create standalone issues, particularly in claims against public bodies or when reporting the courts.

Members of One Brick Court are highly experienced in providing clear and commercial advice in relation to all human rights issues which arise in the context of media, communications and information law.

Our members are also highly skilled in advising on all aspects of media regulation. Our members recognise that not all clients wish to pursue court action and regularly advise clients on alternative means of redress under the various applicable regulatory schemes, including complaints to all the media regulators, including OFCOM, Independent Press Standards Organisation and Impress.

Members of Chambers have appeared in a number of important regulatory and public law cases in this area including R v OFCOM (ex parte Gaunt) (right to freedom of expression and its interaction with the Broadcasting Code), McLaughlin and Anor v Lambeth (claim by individuals involved with the management of governmental bodies), Trushin v NCA (data privacy rights and obligations of public authorities), and R v BBC (ex parte Craig) (duties in respect of party political broadcasts).

Media Regulation and Human Rights – Cases, Articles and News

1210 2017

Tamiz v UK

Tamiz v UK Case date: 12/10/2017 Court: ECtHR Area/s of law: Article [...]

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