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Defamation & Reputation Management

Defamation and Reputation Management

One Brick Court has long been renowned as a leading set in defamation and all claims concerned with protecting reputation and freedom of expression. Its members have been involved in many of the best known and important cases in this field, for example McDonald’s v Steel, Reynolds v Times Newspapers Ltd, Irving v Penguin Books/Lipstadt (which inspired the film “Denial”), Rowland v Mitchell (the “Plebgate” trial), Flood v Times Newspapers Ltd (responsible journalism in the Supreme Court), and Lachaux v AOL (UK) Ltd and others (role of s.1 of the Defamation Act 2013).

In common with other areas of media, communications and information law, defamation claims are evolving and are now often advanced with claims in data protection, privacy, harassment, negligent misstatement or malicious falsehood. Our barristers can provide specialist advice on the complex interaction of these causes of action and help our clients navigate the differences between them.

We recognise in particular the ever-increasing impact which new technologies and platforms are having on speech and reputation rights in this area. Members of One Brick Court have been involved in cases which have shaped the law as it applies to new technologies and commercial providers and can provide specialist advice to claimants and defendants on the law relating to new technologies, as well as traditional publishing platforms. Examples of those cases include Bunt v Tilley, Metropolitan International Schools v Google Inc, Tamiz v Google Inc and Tamiz v United Kingdom (ECHR decision).

One Brick Court barristers act for claimants and defendants and our wide array of clients include private individuals, corporations, newspapers, broadcasters, global tech companies, publishers, trade unions and public bodies. As well as litigation services, members offer reputation management and pre-publication advice directly to clients.

Defamation and Reputation Management – Cases, Articles and News

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