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Data Protection & Information Law

Data Protection and Information Law

The ability to control, use and access data and information is a powerful commercial and political tool and engages important individual rights. As a result of the continuous, rapid development of technology and data processing platforms, knowledge of data protection and information laws is increasingly critical for companies, media organisations, public bodies and individuals. That importance will continue to grow with the coming into effect of the European General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018 and the new domestic Data Protection Act, both of which include the new “right to be forgotten”.

One Brick Court is recognised as one of the leading sets of chambers for data protection and information law. Our members are highly experienced in advising claimants and defendants on the evolving legal landscape and have appeared in many of the important cases in these fields for and against media organisations and global internet companies, including Campbell v MGN Ltd in 2002 (first case on the application of data protection to newspapers), Vidal-Hall v Google Inc in 2015 (defining ‘damage’ in data protection law), R (Evans) v Attorney General in 2015 (Supreme Court case concerning the scope of the Freedom of Information Act rights and the Prince of Wales’ correspondence), and Townsend v Google Inc in 2017 (the first UK case substantively examining the “right to be forgotten” in search engine results).

Our barristers also advise individuals on their data privacy rights and rights to access information from companies and public bodies under the Freedom of Information Act. They are also experienced in helping corporates and public bodies to understand and navigate their data protection and information law duties, both in order to avoid litigation, and during disputes which can arise in relation to data breaches and related crisis management.

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