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Aidan Eardley

Aidan Eardley
Call: 2002

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Members of chambers have written and contributed to many of the leading works on media and related law, including:

Duncan & Neill on Defamation

Co-editors Sir Brian Neill (former member of chambers), Richard Rampton QC (Former Head of Chambers)

The Fourth edition was published in January 2015. Authors include Richard Rampton QC, Timothy Atkinson and Aidan Eardley

Arlidge, Eady & Smith

Timothy Atkinson, Jane Phillips, Caroline Addy, Sarah Palin, Aidan Eardley, David Glen, Ian Helme, Kate Wilson and Clare Kissin are contributors to the 4th Edition of this leading text book on the law of contempt and reporting restrictions.

Carter-Ruck on Libel and Privacy

A sixth edition of this work (formerly on Libel and Slander) was published in December 2010. Authors include Harvey Starte, Caroline Addy and Ian Helme

Halsbury’s Laws

Libel & Slander co-authors Andrew Caldecott QC and Patrick Moloney QC

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings

Libel & Slander co-authors Andrew Caldecott QC, Jane Phillips and Kate Wilson

Atkin’s Court Forms

Libel & Slander co-authors Timothy Atkinson, David Glen and Ian Helme

Confidence, Privacy, Data Protection Freedom of Information and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (2006) co-authors Catrin Evans and Sarah Palin