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Commercial Confidentiality & Falsehoods

Commercial Confidentiality and Falsehoods

Technology has revolutionised the ability to store and disseminate vast quantities of information. It has also facilitated the ease with which confidential commercial information and damaging falsehoods can be rapidly disseminated, often with serious and lasting consequences for businesses or individuals. Equally, the disseminator (the media, whistleblowers or even business competitors) often relies on public interest reasons for disclosing the information. One Brick Court barristers act both for claimants and defendants in these situations.

Members of Chambers appreciate the importance of commercial, speedy and practical advice where there is a threatened or actual breach of confidence, or where alleged falsehoods are to be published. We recognise that, in these situations, obtaining interim injunctive relief can be a high priority and resisting such an application can be just as important for the disseminator. Our members are therefore always available on an urgent basis to handle such matters.

Our members act for SMEs, blue chip businesses and multinationals, employers, publishers and employees in a wide range of breach of confidence and commercial falsehood claims. Our members have appeared in many of the leading confidentiality and falsehoods cases of recent years including Ajinomoto Sweeteners v Asda (meaning in malicious falsehood claims), BPAS v Persons Unknown (interim injunction to protect against data breach in respect of confidential medical information), De la Rue Plc v Loch (interim injunctive relief in employment context), and Tesla v BBC (scope of damage in a malicious falsehood claim).

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